Gardenista 2021

A Groei & Bloei Festival for the whole family

Where? Historic country estate Den Alerdink in Laag Zuthem

With climate tips for garden and living environment

When? 22-26 September 2021

For amateurs and professionals

A KMTP / Groei & Bloei initiative

Youth is introduced to green

Combining culture and nature

Connection through green

GARDENISTA 2020 from 22 -26 September we are welcome at

The preparations for Gardenista 2021 are in full swing and the organization had hoped to organise the green festival at the end of May 2021, exactly one year after it was first postponed due to the coronavirus COVID 19.

Unfortunately, the situation with regard to the virus is not likely to stabilize in the coming months, making it impossible to organise the festival in a good and safe manner.

Team Gardenista, in consultation with the Groei & Bloei board and members’ council, have therefore decided to move the festival to 22 – 26 September 2021. Health comes first for everyone!
Without doubt, Autumn still offers us plenty of opportunities to experience and celebrate gardening in all its facets at the green festival Gardenista.



The goal is to make Gardenista a sustainable festival. The visitors and exhibitors all strive for sustainability in one way or another. In any case, they have a common goal of making gardens as green as possible, thereby contributing to greater biodiversity, better water management and less heat stress, all in the light of climate change.The goal is to make Gardenista a sustainable festival. The visitors and exhibitors all strive for sustainability in one way or another. In any case, they have a common goal of making gardens as green as possible, thereby contributing to greater biodiversity, better water management and less heat stress, all in the light of climate change.We want to reach everyone: from young to old, and especially people who are already active in gardening. But we also try to address and inform the ‘rookies’ so that everyone can make their choice in contributing to more sustainability.

Sustainability is a central theme in the green sector. A garden event like Gardenista therefore wants to emphasize sustainability for the visitors in various ways. Sustainability in the garden will not only be centred around the visitors. Gardenista itself will also implement sustainability in as many ways as possible so that, in the long term, we can truely say that we are the most sustainable garden event in the Netherlands.

Of course, the Gardenista organization understands that not everything can be ‘green’ from the start. All entries, participants, location and catering will be reviewed on sustainability, and the organization will provide them with ‘tips and tops’.

Gardenista’s sustainability has three pillars:

  • Sustainability with regard to the Permits,
  • Sustainability of the Gardenista event and
  • Sustainability in the garden.

And that is not just great fun, but also very educational for everyone. In this way you are much more aware of what the Earth gives us, on top of trying to be as ‘green’ as possible. And by all means, let’s be kind to our Earth…


Following the great success of the first Gardenista edition in May 2019, we can proudly say that the second edition of the festival will take place from 22 to 26 September 2021.
There will be a flower arranging championship again at Gardenista in 2021. Will you accept the challenge and become the best flower stylist of the Gardenista festival?

We challenge students, amateurs and professionals who can tell a story with vegetable and non-vegetable materials, to register for the competition. Three winners from each category will compete for the first prize on stage on Sunday September 26, 2021.
Are you an enthusiastic, driven and creative florist? Maybe you will become the Champion of the Gardenista Festival 2021!

To qualify for this competition, please send a maximum of five photos of your most special flower arrangements. Don’t forget to add your address and telephone number, and in which category you want to participate. As soon as we have assessed your application, you will receive the registration form and competition rules from us.

The theme for Gardenista 2021 competition is ‘FESTIVAL’

The winners of Gardenista 2019 were Paulien Beekwilder (student), Lammy van Elp (amateur) and Joyce Brueren (professional). The main prize for all three was an article in the magazine Groei & Bloei.

Do you have any questions or would you like to participate? Send an email to bloemschikken(at)
Registration closes at August 1, 2021.

Groei & Bloei also organises regional championships. The winners of these championships (in the North, East, South and West of Holland) get a ‘Golden Ticket’. These tickets give direct access to the competition at Gardenista.

As both Gardenista and most of the competitions in 2020 were cancelled in 2020 because of Covid-19, the winners of the regional championships in 2019 will participate in Gardenista 2021 and winners of regional championships in 2020 or the beginning of 2021 will also get a Golden Ticket for Gardenista 2021.
Winners of the ‘Golden Tickets’ for Gardenista 2021 so far are:
Anja de Graaf (South 2019), Dika Koeslag (East 2019) and Froukje Poorting (North 2020).


The Gardenista show garden area brings together the best Dutch garden designers and professional gardeners.
The show gardens not only excel in beauty and variety, but also deal with current aspects such as sustainability, biodiversity, water storage and mental health.

Are you the designer who creates the most beautiful show garden together with your gardener?
We challenge you to participate in the Show Garden Competition!
Registration is now open.

You can find all information under Exhibiting

Sign up here to create a show garden


New in 2021 – ‘postzegeltuintjes’ (tiny gardens, literally ‘postage stamp gardens’)

On a plot of no larger than 10 m2 you can show how you can make a beautiful garden in a very limited space. National and regional garden clubs, green organizations, enthusiastic amateurs and other interested parties can register for this competition.
The competition is judged, but not as heavily as the show gardens. In this competition, it should mostly just be about the fun to participate. Which is not to say that the participant should not set the bar high for him- or herself! Small gems with a big impact …

More information under exhibiting.

Sign up here for the competition ‘postzegeltuintjes’

The winner of the Show Garden Gardenista 2019 is Arjan Boekel

In 2020, Harry Pierik registered for the Show Garden Competition and he has started the creation of his garden.

We will keep you informed about the participants that can be found at Gardenista.


During Gardenista growers with a passion for the profession are there to give you inspiration & tips. You can also contact them for plants that you can be successful with. Do the selected plants fit in your garden? What kind of ground do you have? Is your garden sunny, dark or a lot of partial shade? The growers can advise you on this. And also about the placement of your new plants and look with you how and where you can best place them in your garden.


It seems that “the tiny vegetable gardens” have inspired your children to do vegetable gardening. This sustainable social movement starts with your children during Gardenista.

Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs is completely new. But where should you start and what should you pay attention to if you want to start your own vegetable garden? And if you don’t have a garden, what is the best thing to do?

Various experts in the field of vegetable gardening will show you all the possibilities. From soil to pruning, plant in the ground to your plate, everything is covered.


At the attractive historic country estate Den Alerdinck you will find everything for your garden. Looking for new tools, handy garden products, books, (garden) clothing or the latest trends? You can enjoy shopping here and marvel at the wide variety of products on offer.

We will keep you informed about the participants that can be found at Gardenista.


A topical subject, such as wadis, natural ponds, drainage and shoring, are currently in the spotlight.

The theme of water is brought to the attention from various angles. We have been living in a country where water plays an important role for centuries, especially in the garden.


The overall theme of Gardenista is ‘Live in the Green’.

To this end, we connect top flower designers to a ‘green’ school. Each flower designer will decorate an element of the festival with the help of the students.

ART – Change your view of art in the garden

A nice bronze statue on your cupboard, a painting or photo on the wall; art in the house is a familiar feature. It shows who you are and makes your home personal.
Art in the garden is a lot less familiar.
The artists at Gardenista are happy to show you what art can add to your garden. You’ll be surprised by the effect of a work of art if it is properly integrated into your design and planting. The artists at Gardenista are also happy to give you tailor-made advice. If you are considering a work of art, please bring along some photos of your garden, or of whatever other place where you would like to place a work of art.


 Expected: the program with lectures, workshops and children’s activities


Roll up your sleeves at the Gardenista festival!

There will be something to do on almost every subject at the festival. You can easily sign up during your visit to Gardenista. And many participants offer simple, accessible activities.

Participate, experience, take home…




The entrance fees for Gardenista 2021 are:

Students (on presentation of a valid student card) Members G&B (on presentation of membership card) Regular visitor
Online 7,50 € 12,50 € 16,50 €
Cash desk 7,50 € 14,50 € 18,50 €
Passe-partout (every day)    – 29,00 € 37,00 €
Group min 15 people    – 8,00 € 8,00 €

Children up to 15 years old, if accompanied, have free admission.

The parking costs are € 4.00 for cars and € 40.00 for buses.

Date and opening times

Gardenista takes place from Wednesday September 22 to Sunday September 26, 2021.

Opening hours are from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
The ticket office opens at 9.15 AM.



Questions? Send an e-mail to info(at)


Historische Buitenplaats Den Alerdinck, Den Alerdinckweg 1, 8055 PE Laag Zuthem ( Zwolle) Nederland


Parking on the property. Follow the signs from Heino





Foto: Quelle Alpha Communications
The Koninklijke Maatschappij Tuinbouw en Plantkunde / Groei & Bloei (Royal Society for Horticulture and Botany) is a very old society. Founded in 1872, it is almost 150 years old. The patroness is HRH Princess Beatrix. One thing that makes the society special is that it’s membership has always consisted of a mix of amateur gardeners and professionals. Today, the amateur garden owners are in the majority.

The Koninklijke Maatschappij Tuinbouw en Plantkunde / Groei & Bloei (Royal Society for Horticulture and Botany) is a very old society. Founded in 1872, it is almost 150 years old. The patroness is HRH Princess Beatrix. One thing that makes the society special is that it’s membership has always consisted of a mix of amateur gardeners and professionals. Today, the amateur garden owners are in the majority.
The Dutch Society for Horticulture and Botany received the predicate ‘Royal’ at its 50th anniversary. Some 20 years ago the name ‘Groei & Bloei’ (the name of the Society’s garden magazine) was added to the official name. The society has about 30,000 members in the Netherlands and Flanders. The members are divided over approximately 125 active local associations that organize many activities for their members and other interested people. Plants and gardening, in all its aspects, and flower arranging are the topics of most of the activities.

When the society was founded in 1872, there were two local associations, Arnhem and Amsterdam. Two years later, in 1874, there were already 24 local associations with 252 members. In 1878, the Society pleaded for a government horticultural school, but this didn’t happen for another 20 years. For many years Membership of the KMTP was important to know what was going on in landscape and garden design and maintenance.

The name of the society’s magazine is Groei & Bloei. The magazine is so successful that the Society now uses the name of the magazine rather than the full name.

Jasker Kamp has been editor-in-chief of the magazine since 2017. Under his leadership, both the number of advertisers and the interest from the green sector continued to grow. Groei & Bloei is by far the most read green magazine in the Netherlands and Flanders. Members of the society receive the magazine as part of their membership, and it is also on sale in many places in shops, supermarkets and newsstands.

The magazine Groei & Bloei is the most consulted garden platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. It offers inspiration for those who love gardening. It is a starting point for those who want to start gardening but don’t exactly know how. It gives answers to the questions of those with green fingers who hit a blind spot; pleasure for dreamers who want to disappear into beautiful gardens. Pioneer of innovation, ambassador of plants and animals, an Authority. Groei & Bloei is all of this and more. A magazine, more than 60 years old, for women and men, young and old. With a reach of nearly 300,000 readers, it is the largest and most consulted garden platform in the Netherlands and Belgium.“If it is published in Groei & Bloei, it must be true…”

Facts & figures

  • Frequency : 10 times a year
  • Spread circulation: 43,138 (NOM 2018 Q2 – 2019 Q1)
  • Magazine reach figures: 264,000 readers (NPM 2019-II)
  • Website 130,000 unique visitors per month, digital newsletter: 40,000 subscribers, Facebook: 17,000 fans, Twitter: 3,700 followers


Gardenista is promoter of the best craftsmanship in garden expertise, cultivation, green-related products and education. These fields are essential for anyone involved in the green sector in the broadest sense. Whether you are a garden designer, horticulturist, nursery owner, flower stylist or trader, there is always a way to get involved in the event that has the ambition to become the centre of horticulture in the Benelux with an international allure.


Gardenista’s show gardens can be used to promote brands and innovations related to horticulture, on top of creating publicity. Landscape architects, horticulturists, landscape designers and sponsors of the gardens can all profile themselves as much as possible by means of the show garden.

The show garden can be used as a meeting place and as a connector between various disciplines.

A show garden can make your business grow. By showing you are a trendsetter and by offering top quality, you start the conversation about your show garden, you promote your craftsmanship and create assignments.

‘POSTZEGELTUINTJES’ (tiny gardens, ‘postage stamp gardens’)

Have you always wanted to show your gardening skills, but are competition show gardens still a step too far for you? Many people love gardening, but don’t have large gardens. With your contribution you can inspire them to turn their small garden into something special.

On a plot no larger than 10 m2 you can show how to make a beautiful garden in a very limited space. If participation in the show garden competition is not (yet) for you, get some experience with these ‘postal stamp gardens’. Participants can be national / regional garden clubs, departments / associations of green organizations, enthusiastic amateurs and other interested parties.

For more information about show garden or postzegeltuintje send an email to Wilma Walenberg (walenberg(at)


As a participant you can be one of the top nurseries, displaying and selling your most exciting new plants. Plants are the green heart of Gardenista. At the event you will have the opportunity to introduce and sell your plants to a green-oriented audience that is very fond of their gardens.
Both shaded and sunny locations are available so that you can optimally present your plants in the best suitable habitat. Do you grow a very special plant exclusively in small quantities? Then we have a special place for you.


Do you have the most beautiful garden-related products? From seeds to greenhouses … Everything in this range can be exhibited and sold to the green-loving public that comes to Gardenista.
Not garden-related but inspired by flowers, plants and the garden? Jewellery, botanical paintings, cups and saucers decorated with flowers… we have a place for you.


Gardenista is all about experience and connecting. It’s more than a fair or a market. It’s a real show. And there definitely is room for ART at this show. At Gardenista you can show your craftsmanship and artistry to a mixed audience, who come to be surprised. An audience that comes to see and buy. A show with passion and professionalism and a touch of mystery.
We offer artists an amazing platform to showcase their artistic expressions, their craft and their craftsmanship. What is a garden with only plants and a terrace? Art makes the garden personal and unique. Art appeals to the imagination, lets you dream away or be inspired. But nature also inspires artists, often jewellery is made with nature as a starting point.
There are several special places on the grounds that are especially designed to optimally exhibit art and crafts.


At the Gardenista garden festival, food and drinks from your own garden will be given a prominent place. Are you a local producer of exclusive regional products that are not for sale in supermarkets? At Gardenista you can let the visitor taste and sell your products to the ‘foodie’ audience that comes to the event.


At the garden event, visitors are inspired and their understanding of the green sector and garden-related topics is increased. If you want to spread a message at Gardenista, we offer you the space for your workshops, demonstrations and presentations.
Gardenista is also a springboard for green schools. Students can help the professionals to build their exhibition and thus promote and boost education in the green sector to the maximum. Show them what your goals are and what your message is.


For more information: hoogers(at)

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